Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Athletes as Allies in Fighting Homophobia in Sport

Hudson Taylor was a wrestler at the University of Maryland, now an assistant wrestling coach at Columbia University. He received lots of attention last year when he competed with the Human Rights Campaign Equal logo on his headgear. Hudson is also a straight man who is committed to making sports a respectful and welcoming place for LGBTQ athletes and coaches. He works with me as an advisory group member of the GLSEN Sports Project (to be officially launched this winter). I met Hudson in December at the first advisory group meeting where I learned first hand about Hudson’s commitment to eliminating discrimination against LGBTQ people in and out of sport. Plus we are both Maryland alums. Go Terps!

Hudson has initiated AthleteAlly, a web site and YouTube channel that invites people to make a pledge to help eliminate homophobia in sport. I encourage you to go to the web site and make a pledge. Hudson’s web site is a great way for anyone affiliated with athletics (coaches, athletes, parents, fans and others) to make a public commitment to make their schools and teams welcoming places for all. Check it out.


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