Friday, July 23, 2010

Looking Gay Male Athletes

Dee Mosbacher, the acclaimed videographer who brought us the amazing documentary "Training Rules", is planning her next project. She asked me if I would post the following notice on my blog. I am happy to help Dee in anyway I can. She produces high quality award-winning educational videos that advance the cause of LGBT equality in and out of sport.

So, if you are a gay male athlete or if you know gay male athletes who fit the following demographics, please contact Dee or provide your friends with her contact information so we can all help Dee with her new and important project:

Looking for a Few Gay Men

If you are an out gay athlete who was awarded an athletic scholarship to college or recruited from college for a professional career, you may be eligible to be featured in an upcoming documentary by Academy Award nominated producers/directors Dee Mosbacher and Fawn Yacker (see for info about our last film). Please send a brief sports bio and your contact information, using the subject line MEN'S SPORTS to:

Dee Mosbacher, MD
Woman Vision
3570 Clay Street
San Francisco, CA, 94118

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Host PPH said...

I haven't watched any of those videos. I hope that he can succeed in her next project.