Monday, December 7, 2009

Amelie Mauresmo Retires

French pro tennis player, Amelie Mauresmo, retired last week. Amelie was one of several women professional tennis players to come out publicly as a lesbian. What set her coming out apart from the others is that she came out at the beginning of her career. Most professional athletes, men and women, come out in the twilight of their careers or after they have retired. She is one of the few professional athletes who has played most of her career as a publicly out lesbian. Downhill bike racer, Missy Giove, also comes to mind. Here is an article that provides a little more information than most about Amelie’s coming out as well as more information about her beyond her tennis records. She sounds like someone I’d like to sit down with and have a conversation over a good bottle of French wine. Best wishes, Amelie. We will miss you.

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