Monday, December 15, 2008

Random and Distracted Thoughts on Puppies and Other Ponderings

Just sitting here this morning trying to figure out what to write. I am a little distracted by our new puppy, Toby, who is a 5 month old border terrorist, excuse me, terrier mix. Toby is a rescue dog from Ohio and he has completely taken over our home and hearts. He is cute, but needs lots of attention and training. My undisturbed working time is now interrupted with attempts to save fleece blankets from shredding and entreaties from those big brown eyes for a rawhide chew or a pee break and romp in the front yard. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, anyway, here I sit with the sounds of contented rawhide gnawing in the background (the fleece blanket is toast) trying to think of what I have to say that you might be interested in this week. Here are some random questions:

• Do you think ponytails help women athletes with balance? I know cats use their tails for balance. Maybe ponytails serve a similar function. Could that be the reason so many women athletes have ponytails? Will it catch on with men? There was that whole Samson thing after all.
• Do you think that speaking in a monotone and using sport clich├ęs during media interviews is somehow related to men’s athletic ability?
• Have you ever wondered why sports interviews in the locker room with sweaty naked and half naked men are considered so essential to covering men’s professional team sports?
• Have you thought about how lucky Plaxico Burress is that he only shot himself in the thigh?
• Can you imagine a time when a male athlete raping/harassing/hitting a woman will be considered a more serious offense than a woman athlete loving a woman.
• Do you hate the phrase “It’s just boys being boys” as much as I do?
• Do you understand why some straight male athletes think homophobic sexual humiliation during team hazing is funny, but recoil in horror at the thought of sharing a locker room with an openly gay teammate?
• Do you wonder how long it will take before a lesbian coach will be willing to talk about her partner and family in the team media guide like her heterosexual counterparts do?

I have to stop this now. Toby is finished with the rawhide chew and it is way too quiet in the house. I fear for other blankets and pillows within reach of his sharp little puppy teeth.


Anonymous said...

1)I think ponytails are valuable for annoying an aggressive defender and that's about it. I had an unnatural attachment to long hair, as a teen. Once it was gone, I was never tempted to grow it long enough for a ponytail, again.
2)Beats me.
3)Yeah, how did that start? What other event, of any kind, requires someone to be interviewed at great length before even having a chance to change clothes?
4)Oh, yes! Wonder if Plaxico thought of it?
5)No, but I'd love to see it.
6)More, if possible.
7)I have my theories...
8)I hope I live to see it and I want it to be a college coach, not professional.

E Leb said...

Your ponderings (and puppy news) make me smile! What great questions...

Personally I find that I've come to like how my ponytail looks, but it gets in the way and actually throws my balance off! I think ponytail-wearers must have over developed anterior neck muscles from compensating for the weight of the tail, not to mention the weight of the towel wrap on the head after a shower.

Pat Griffin said...

EL, Thanks for your insights about the physiology of ponytails. Not having one myself, I admit ignorance on the experiential aspects of them.
Toby says hi. Pat