Monday, November 10, 2008

More From Michigan City

I’ve devoted two posts to the Michigan City, Indiana youth baseball coaches who were suspended for using anti-gay slurs and encouraging boys on the team to taunt one teammate with them as well. The park board then overturned the suspensions by a 2-2 vote. I’m not sure how they decided a tie constituted a reversal of the decision but they did. Now, according to this article, the vote to overturn the suspensions is being questioned by the City Council and the park board’s decision is being reviewed. It looks like there is a possibility that the overturn with be overturned. This all seems like good news to me.

However, even if the coaches are suspended again, I feel badly for the boys on the team, especially the one who was targeted by the anti-gay slurs from his teammates and coaches. I hope he has not lost his love of baseball over this or feels like he must now bully or taunt others to keep from being bullied again. I also feel sad about any of the boys who are gay or wonder if they might be or have gay family members or friends. What have they learned? For the rest of the team, it is a sad thing when young people learn that bullying or taunting of any kind is an acceptable way to act.

Nonetheless, thanks to the Michigan City Council for not letting the overturned suspensions stand without a thorough review.


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Pat Griffin said...

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