Monday, July 28, 2008

Nike Pulls “That Ain’t Right” Ads

Nike has pulled the “That Ain’t Right” ads that I talked about in my previous post. In my opinion, this is the right thing to do. It shows a little more respect for your audience and a little more social responsibility. Surely they can come up with something more creative that will sell their shoes, but not pander to homophobia in the process.
Apparently the response to the ads was pretty negative. Now, we have to write to Nike to thank them for pulling the ads. I know some folks will howl about “political correctness”, but it seems to me that these kinds of charges are meant to silence people who speak out in favor of equity and justice. Good for you, Nike, for owning up to your mistake.


Anonymous said...

I have found something that I think would be very appropriate for your blog to talk about. Women and girls need to be considered equals in life, and as my story shows, girls can earn the respect they deserve. A very young girls' soccer team played in a league that they dominated. The girls won every game, even against other girls that were older than them. Their coach made a bold move and put them into the boys league. This was met with some criticism, but as the girls did exceptionally well, it made people stop and think about what was fair and right concerning girls and boys. People should not be discriminated against based on gender, and these girls overcame that discrimination. Watch the trailer at and see what you think.


Alayna Ferrin
Public Relations
Cobalt Communications Group


Pat Griffin said...

Alayna, thanks for your comment. I will check out the trailer you refer to.