Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mesa Community College Lesbian Coaches Title IX Charges Substantiated

My blog post on May 20, 2008 described the details of lawsuit brought against Mesa Community College in San Diego, CA. Two lesbian plaintiffs, the women’s basketball coach and director of basketball operations, who are also life partners with three children, charged that they were fired in retaliation for complaining about Title IX violations at the school. They also charged discrimination based on their gender and sexual orientation.

365 Gay News not only provides some background from the retaliation lawsuit at Fresno State, but also describes the results of the OCR investigation into the Title IX violations at Mesa. The OCR report called the Title IX violations at Mesa “substantial and unjustified.” The OCR did not investigate the coaches’ gender and sexual orientation discrimination charges however. That part of the lawsuit is still to come. NCLR is representing both women so Mesa better start saving their nickels and dimes because they are probably going down.

You’d think after the numerous examples we have now of coaches of women’s sports winning lawsuits or out of court settlements in these Title IX retaliation cases that athletic directors would wise up. It’s like they need an AA-like group for themselves or something. “Hi, my name is Dick and I am a sexist and homophobic pig (without lipstick, of course). I can’t seem help myself. I just hate it when women coaches (especially lesbians), challenge my authority by demanding equal treatment. The nerve! I am powerless to avoid court appearances and embarrassing media coverage that make me look like a horse’s patoot.” Maybe some of the ADs who have already been through a Title IX lawsuit could step up and sponsor these guys to help them control their addiction to sexism and homophobia. I mean no disrespect to AA here.

All I can say to ADs who still don’t get it – The times are changin’, guys. We sue, we win. Athletic directors everywhere, bury your head in the sand at your own risk.

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